• Drowning in debt? Take our hand

        • While the pandemic continues and more and more people struggle to meet their bills, there has been a significant easing on debt collection with mortgage holidays, rental security and no threatening bailiffs. However, this won’t last forever, so Citizens Advice are encouraging people to take advantage of our free debt advice services and take control of your finances now.  

          Alan Bruzon, Chief Officer, says “In the past, debt has always been one of our top enquiry issues but during the lockdown this has reduced. People seem reluctant to get to grips with their debts at this time while some things are on hold.  It’s essential that people don’t let their debts get out of control during this time, such as rent arrears which can escalate and lead to eviction.”

          The good news is that debt can be managed and help is available. The first step is to check the Citizens Advice website, which can guide you on a number of debt related issues and even has interactive options such as the debt remedy tool. You can also make contact via a webform on the Contact Us section.

          If a one-to-one approach is more suitable, specially trained debt advisers are available to help you. Caseworker Trish Elder, explains “Debt advice involves exploring all the options available including those which will lead someone to become debt free like bankruptcy or a debt relief order. Our aim is to help people regain control of their finances and where possible enable them to repay their debts at a level which is affordable, whilst allowing enough money for daily living costs. At every stage the client is in control and they make the decisions they are comfortable with. “

          Whatever you decide, don’t put off dealing with debts until it’s too late. Help is at hand. Citizens Advice is free, confidential, independent and non-judgmental.

          You can find us on: citizensadvice.org.uk, or www.eastbournecab,co,uk or telephone: Advice Line on 03444 111 444.