• Sarah's limericks for the CA10 challenge

            As part of our CA '10' Fundraising challenge undertaken during the Covid-19 lockdown, our Research & Campaigns Volunteer Sarah set herself the challenge to write a poem or limerick a day for 10 days. This is the result:10 wonderful poems that capture the work of Citizens Advice Eastbourne and its volunteers during this unprecedented crisis. We hope you enjoy them.  And if you want to support the work we do, you can make a donation here  DONATE

          • Name

            Day 1:

            I’ve decided to pick up a pen
            And write for my fundraising ten
            A limerick each day
            Some rhymes and word play
            And tomorrow I’ll do this again.

          • Day 2:

            Advisors are working at home on the phone,
            But things are in place so they don’t feel alone,
            In “hangouts” they natter,
            On what’s app there’s chatter,
            In lockdown, no one should feel on their own. 

          • Day 3
            Day 3

            Day 3:

            The Wilkinsons should’ve been on holiday,
            Instead they’re out cycling around Normans Bay,
            Other places they’ve been,
            So much birdlife they’ve seen
            Raising much needed funds on the way! 

            Day 3
          • Day 4:

            Our Jodi’s been leading the way,
            With her 10 x 10 workout each day,
            Others out hiking,
            Some baking, some biking,
            Raising funds, keeping boredom at bay!


          • Day 5:

            As the end of the week doth draw near,
            The Chief’s email to all doth appear,
            With news and birthdays,
            A thank you he says,
            And he’s joining the challenge we hear!


          • Day 6:

            Joining the challenge ‘10’ crew,
            Young Max has got something to do,
            Trying purées of fruit,
            Some veggies to boot,
            Getting sponsors whilst being weaned too


          • Day 7:

            R&C sort through the BEFs that come in
            Geoff writes them up when he’s not out cyclin’,
            Sarah collates and reports what is trending,
            Karen researches and finds what needs mending,
            Then with Manager Alan and Tim, our trustee,
            It’s time to decide what our campaign will be


          • Day 8:

            Help with job issues, housing, bill-paying,
            Keeping up with the guidance, what the government’s saying,
            The Bureau is here,
            We try and allay fear,
            And support our clients with what they’re relaying.


          • Day 9:

            We’re all doing things to keep sane at this time,
            There’s boxsets on Netflix or Amazon Prime,
            Doing puzzles and quizzes,
            Sipping something that fizzes,
            And me, I spend hours finding words that will rhyme!


          • Day 10:

            Eastbourne CitA provides advice that is free
            Many don’t know it’s a charity
            So if donations keep flowing,
            It helps keeps advice going,
            My tenth poem done, it’s now farewell from me.


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